Arraymold is a simple and easy way to construct Tissue Microarrays (TMAs). Please browse our product line to find the perfect TMA instrument to fit your research or optimizing needs. The Arraymold TMA Kits are used in laboratories all over the world.

Each Arraymold Kit contains everything you will need to create up to 10 TMAs (not including tissues and paraffin).

We have the only library of instructional videos on TMA construction. Our videos cover everyone technicians skill set, from beginner to advanced.

To get you up and running in no time, we have a 4:30 video that explains the basics of TMA construction.

At this time are having a hard time getting needles from our suppliers.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Needles: Stylet -vs- Plunger?

Video #11 This video explains why plunger needles are a bad choice for TMA construction. Arraymold is the only TMA instrument company that uses the stylet and needle. Other TMA companies use the plunger type needle. The plastic rod inside the plunger needle is to weak to push tissue cores out of the needle creating more problems. Video #11 explains why.

TMA Instruments - Which is best?

Video #12  We compare the Arraymold with a large, expensive manual TMA instrument to show that you don't need to spend $15,000+ USD to make beautiful TMAs. Our instrument are easy to use and easy to store in a drawer. Don't waste valuable counter space on a large, expensive, over engineered laboratory instrument that you will not use everyday. Watch video #12 to learn more.

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Benefit #1

Pays for itself in just one use. Add up the time, antibodies, reagents saved in optimizing one antibody and you will see.


Benefit #2

Helpful in finding IHC markers for controls or instrument optimizing. Use hundreds of tissues samples quickly and effectively.


Benefit #3

Allows a pathologist or researcher to view many different samples at once instead of hundreds of slides.


Benefit #4

Instead of 60 to 150 slides with expensive antibodies, now you use a single slide saving time, resources and Pathologist time.